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The expanding clay soil in the Texas region often causes a need for a Clear Lake under slab leak repair service. As the climate changes, the soil under your concrete foundation expands and retracts, causing the concrete to shift and fall into the water lines.

If this happens, you need a professional slab leak repair company in Clear Lake TX that will get your plumbing back in working order without damaging your foundation any further.

Why you might need Clear Lake under slab leak detection

Besides the shifting of the soil, there are many reasons why you might require slab leak detection services in Clear Lake TX. These reasons can include:

  • Outdated cast iron or copper piping that has corroded
  • Tree roots invading your plumbing system
  • Improper foundation repair or placement

If you suspect you might have a leak under your concrete foundation, call our team as soon as possible before the small leak turns in to a larger problem.

Noticeable signs that you may require Clear Lake under slab leak repair

Unfortunately, detecting a leak that occurs under a concrete slab isn’t as easy as one in the piping in your home. While a regular water leak is visible almost instantly, an under slab leak often isn’t visible until it has caused enough damage to be noticed. Since they often occur several feet beneath the surface, you need trusted slab leak plumbing services in Clear Lake TX that can properly diagnose leaks.

Signs of an under slab leak might include:

  • Foundation sinking
  • Excessively moist areas under your floor
  • High water bills
  • Water meter running when all water spickets are turned off

If you notice one of these situations, you should call our team services before your leak turns into a foundation problem.

If you suspect an under slab leak, or simply want to be proactive, call our Clear Lake under slab leak repair company today. Our team of skilled professionals will check for any leaks and, if found, repair them quickly.

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